4 Minutes | 28 Days Challenge: Melts Fat and Tones Your Muscles


There are often no strong body without a robust core. just about like trees, we humans need a stable trunk so as to steer a healthy life. Working the core will help increase your performance and stop possible exercise injury, also as providing you with balance and stability.

Accept this challenge and obtain your body into shape.

“Endurance” is one among the foremost efficient exercises for toning your body. These exercises melt fat and strengthen the muscles on your back, stomach, butt, arms and legs.

If you would like to possess a supermodel body, then start doing our challenge!

The “Plank Challenge”

You need to try to to the plank challenge for 4 weeks. Start doing plank for 20 seconds and by the top of the last week, you ought to be ready to be during a plank position for 4 minutes.

The most important thing in doing the plank is being within the right position. you would like to stay your body during a line if you would like to ascertain results. Take deep breaths while you’re doing the plank and specialise in keeping your body straight.

Once you’re within the right position, you’re able to combat the “Plank Challenge”!

Day 1 : 20sec.

Day 2 : 20sec.

Day 3 : 30sec.

Day 4 : 30sec.

Day 5 : 40sec.

Day 6 : rest

Day 7 : 45sec.

Day 8 : 45sec.

Day 9 : 60sec.

Day 10 : 60sec.

Day 11 : 60sec.

Day 12 : 90sec.

Day 13 : rest

Day 14 : 90sec.

Day 15 : 90sec.

Day 16 : 120sec.

Day 17 : 120sec.

Day 18 : 150sec.

Day 19 : rest

Day 20 : 150sec.

Day 21 : 150sec.

Day 22 : 180sec.

Day 23 : 180sec.

Day 24 : 210sec.

Day 25 : rest

Day 26 : 210sec.

Day 27 : 240sec.

Day 28 – As long as you’ll